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Thursday, June 26, 2014


Well people (not sure if I'm even addressing anyone), it's been a while...

So many great things percolating, a possible dramatic food TV series, a wonderful script I'm developing that might actually come to something (it's a beauty) and here it is summer and I find myself entertaining a lot, both in the city and in the country.

Been digging in the garden trying to plant some new rose bushes.  Yanked out 5 old deeply rooted and not so great old ones and we shall see how it goes...

I have my favorite friends from Iceland, Gisli and Nina Gardarsson, coming this weekend up to the house with their two children, along with Chef Tom Valenti and his lady friend Katherine (works with City Harvest), plus my best buddy Robin Skye and my pal Nathan Sheffield.

We all cook...a lot.  But I want to keep things light, as my Icelandic friends are quit fit...

Last weekend my right hand gal Honey Calvert and I made a kind of warm salad, well that is if you mixed the three elements together on the plate, since we served each separately...but it would make a divine salad!

Annie's American/Asian/Mexican/Italian Combo

for 2 people (with a little leftover), just double or triple....whatever

For The Chicken:

Start with good trimmed chicken cutlets, enough for two per person

In a bowl make 2 Chicken marinades (we tried them both):

wasabi mayo
few dashes of fish sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp kikkoman citrus and soy sauce
zest of 1 whole lemon
2 tbs fresh ground ginger
salt and pepper

(alternate marinade which is more like a BBQ sauce)

Ketchup (main ingredient)

Soy Sauce
Fish Sauce
Sesame Oil
Chilpotle Veganaise (if you can't find this, just a dollop of mayo and some cajan spices, like chili powder and cayenne)
Maple Syrup (very little, don't want it too sweet)

Blend in each in separate bowls and marinate chicken for a few hours in refrigerator  (turn at least once)

For The Corn:

4 ears fresh corn (two per person) shucked

(before grilling corn, slather with butter or olive oil, salt and pepper)

Have ready, Grated, about a third of a square of Queso Fresco (Cojito) White Mexican Cheese

1 tablespoon of Mayo

After grilling corn, so it is slightly charred here and there (don't over cook or it will be dry)

Then cut kernels off the cobs in a bowl 
(A trick you can do is place a jello mold pan right side up in a larger bowl and and stand each cob on large end and cut off kernels and they will fall into the mold and the odd kernel into the bigger bowl that you can use for serving)

Sprinkle the cheese over it and then season with Fresh Black Pepper and Salt AND

most importantly, 
Shake to taste, some Chili powder 

Add dollop of Mayo and toss gently

For The Salad:

Half a package of Baby Arugula (was just enough for two), if you are serving separately, but if you are assembling as a salad, use the entire package.

Season with Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Squeeze juice of Half a Lemon (whole lemon if entire package)

Toss very gently (I sort of flip the bowl back and forth for the greens to jump around)

Drizzle a little Olive Oil and toss again

That is really all arugula ever needs.

At this point you can serve each item separately and let your guests combine them


You can cut up pieces of the chicken into small pieces and toss with arugula and corn and serve.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Theatre Wrap up 2010 Season

Have been hitting the boards hard this season! So thought I would give my review of the shows I've seen thus far this season:

RED - Run don't walk for tickets, because once it wins the Tony for best play, you won't be able to get them, not to mention that it is a limited run till June 15th, but there is talk of extending it. Alfred Molina can always be counted on to give you your money's worth, but go see it for newcomer Eddie Redmayne. He manages a perfect balancing act between student and teacher. John Logan's play packs a wallop and all in 90 minutes with no intermission. Just a gorgeous pounding and thrilling package.

Eddie Redmayne in his Donmar Dressingroom. The NY one looks exactly the same!

View From A Bridge - Liev Schreiber thrills. I had no idea the power this actor welds. He comes with an arsenal of intensity that is a revelation. There is a reason Arthur Miller is one of our great American playwrights. He creates a world that is instantly absorbing. Scarlett Johansson is a treat to see on stage. It's not as strong a play as All My Sons or Salesman, but it is great theatre.

Behanding In Spokane - Only the double punch combination of Martin McDonagh's wonderfully visceral black comedy and Christopher Walken's jazzy slurry lunatic fringe performance can pull off what could otherwise be a thin piece of work. And Sam Rockwell is completely up to the tast of being as wacky as Walken. The entire cast is great! They do pull it off. It's deliciously hilarious.

Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell, two masters at work.

Lend Me A Tenor - Loved it. Good clean farcical fun. Justin Bartha never has to worry that he won't find a home anytime on Broadway. Welcome to New York! He is a hoot. And you also have Tony Shaloub and Anthony LaPlaglia. What could be wrong with that? Nothing. Yay Stanley Tucci. You pulled it off sublimely.

Justin Bartha and Tony Shaloub who is also outstanding!

Come Fly Away - Oh Twyla, why isn't there more Tharp in your step. I heard it from a reliable source, that this show was purposely made more mainstream and while it is wonderful and a feast for the eyes, it just doesn't have that cut above, that we expect from this most noteworthy of choreographers. Or maybe I'm just spoiled. Charlie Neshyba-Hodges lighter than air moves are worth the price of admission.

Charlie Neshyba-Hodges gets air!

The Addam's Family - The story is ridiculous and the music is just so so, but shoot me for saying this, I still enjoyed it! It really does have it's funny moments, many of them in fact. I loved the dancing ghosts greek chorus, even if Brantley didn't, great choreo there. Poor Morticia, the writer's just couldn't get what her deal is, and that they came up with her worried about her looks and age, WELL!, that was just so wrong headed. Morticia NEVER worried about that. She was always completely in love with who she was and taking that away from her, left me cold. But Bebe's Neuwirth's torso is quite stunning and I dare anyone, man or woman, gay or straight, to be able to keep their eyes off her. Jackie Hoffman is hilarious, as she always is and who knew Nathan Lane was such a crooner? Kevin Chamberlin, though, as Uncle Fester, does a Chaplinesqe turn that just charmed me to the end.

Kevin Chamberlin, Terry Mann, Nathan Lane.

Promises, Promises - First the good news...Burt Bachrach never gets old. Kristen Chenowith, while not perfect for the role, I say, who cares, when you have pipes and looks like that! Tony Goldwyn brings depth to the role, that Fred MacMurray never had and he sings so sweetly! But the extra icing on this cake is Sean Hayes who is a joy from start to finish. No one I can think of, can break the fourth wall, so intimately. He's got you in his pocket and you are happy to stay there all night long. And then there is Katie Finneran, who won a tony for Noises Off. Well she does a comedic turn that is so satisfying, that you wish the story didn't turn serious, when she exits the stage. But this is based on The Apartment and it is really a dark piece. For that reason, here is the bad news: The relish with which the men in this show enjoys their adulterous behavior, is off putting and dated. That the secretaries are their prey is just gross and I hate to be unkind, but the fact that this is not the best looking ensemble, with some of the oddest choreography, makes me cringe through every dance number and wish I didn't have to see steno stools, coat racks and briefcases as dance props. Oh god, not good. It could have been so smart if they had only just updated this book, who's spine is wonderful, but, hey, what happened to the women's movement! Even Mad Men makes a concession or two on that score.
Sean Hayes & Katie Finneran open act II hilariously!

Here's the real deal. Go to theatre people, there is some great stuff out there. I'm thrilled I saw all of these shows and not one was a clunker, no matter what the New York Times says!

Stay tuned for upcoming reviews of Enron, Fela and Memphis!

Most of these photos are courtesy of Broadway.com, Playbill.com or the individual shows websites.

Mother's Day photo album

For all of you that have never heard of Blurb.com, you simply must go there, download their Booksmart program and start making books. I put together a photo album for my mom today and I am attempting to add a widget so people can see it, if they like. For some reason, however, the widget only shows the first fifteen pages! My album was 104!

Ahhh, now I get it. The widget is just a preview for people that might want to buy your book. Well the next one will have to be worthy of a price. Stay tuned for a new installment of my cookbook.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010





page miles 24, naples florida
All right now by Free
not so good, bad song choice...nervous but can sing

Ashley Rodriguez
I'm just tryin' to be happy... nervous slow start uneven, simon said might be going home

Jannel Wheeler
Heart's What About Love...pitchy, simon said might survive. Song too big

Lily Scott, 20, from dever living in her car - platinum blonde quirky looking
Fixing a Hole...Beatles, distinctive, unique, indie artist. LOVE HER

Katlyn Epperly, 19 Chicago
pretty blonde, great look, well done! knows her voice, Really like her.
Beatles Oh Darlin'

Haeley Vaughn 16, Colorado
cute lisp, simon hated it, I loved it. Room for improvement and has potential
Beatles, Hold your Hand

Lacey Brown, Texas
was cut last year in last pick
Fleetwood Mac Landslide
not good. randy said terrible pitchy, ellen thinks she's better than thatsimon thought depressing, indulgent, kara wants her to have another shot, maybe

Michelle DeLamore 20 Miami
was a chorus teacher and a corporate singer, looks like eva longoriavery poised too
Alisha Keyes, Falling
simon what makes you different, kara lacks believability, ellen loved it, randy take some risks but likes her!

Di Di Benami 23, from tennessee lives in LA
was amazing in last audition
The Way I Am Ingrid Michaelson
I love her, simon ur a good singer, but sounds like the new artists, missing a sparkkara like that she changed up the song, showing another level, randy, no star factor sleepyellen dug her but it didnt stand out, low key for a first song

Siobhan magnus
Chris Issacs song
kara in the moment a little nasal, randy great voice can do much more too small a song. ellen, loved it deep, simon funny little thing, not as good as her stevie wonder song, dark song

Crystal bowersox
bizzaro blonde great...randy one of the favs, loves the harp, honest, just likes what she does. ellen also a fan, adds something fresh to the show, would vote to see more of her. simon thinks she is one of a thousand, doesn't stand out for him, too much of a sound alike, make stuff more her own but refreshing and really likes her. kara thinks she has greatness when she builds her performance, but not so much tonight. don't just be a coffee house performer.

katie stevens, middlebury ct 17
grandma with Alzheimer's
Michael Buble Feelin Good (You Know How I feel)
this girl can sing, a little stagedoorish. has somewhere to go to in terms of growth on the show. pretty fun to watch, nice vibrato. I don't think the best song choice though.ellen good great but too old school conservative, be 17 fresh and modern. simon totally agrees with ellen and it became annoying to him, heard it all before, very pagenty. Kara thought she was pitchy, but has a natural gift and wants people to vote for her.Randy also said like Jordan Sparks.


Todrick Hall 24 Texas
Does the Jumps, dances
Kelly Clarkson Since You've Been Gone
love him! ellen good performer not the best singer, randy mad talented

Aaron Kelly 16, PA.
Here comes Goodbye
country rock voice....a little like my friend Shane Stevens, but nervous, a little raspy, falsettorandy liked a lot, unformed

Jermaine Sellers 27 Jolliet, IL
Get Here Olita Adams
I like him...a little sharp in high register, cute black guy, not a power singersimon said he'll be gone.

Tim Urban 20 Texas (I THINK GOING HOME)
very cute white kid with dimples. told he was going home as a joke to his parents by producer. plays guitar too, very cute
Apologize by One Republic
not a good falsetto and uses it alot. just okay. very bubblegum pop, looks like whats his namerandy, hated. kara cute likeable but music buried him. randy wrong song, doesn't have that falsetto, none of it worked, ellen didn't sound good but adorable

Joe Munoz 20 CA
plays guitar but not that well lol.
You and I both Here Jason Meraz
I liked his spanish twist and riffing towards end of song, sweet and pretty...sounds like Jennifer lopez's husband (oh man, forgot his name!) and falsetto is just ok, straining, but like the spanish thingy...I really like him, definitely room to grow.ellen liked alot, randy also, kara thought best so far tonight. simon kind of agrees with kara, but not star material, ok safe and forgettable

Tyler Grady 20, PA
Rocker long haired tall guy, looks like my friend evan hart.
American Woman acoustically
Like him even if his voice isn't that great. simon memorable for the wrong reasons, kara too 70's bring it into this decade, randy style over substance, ellen copying going through the motions not original

Lee Dewyze 23 Chicago
guitar player sounds like david cook...too much I think
Snow Patrol Leading Cars
great guitar playing, strong rock vocal, a little pitchy, raspy in a good way, but not strong. ellen thinks he should stay, randy didn't like song, too rangy, kara almost made song unrecognizable. simon, thought it was best thus far, authentic.

Shania loved himGod Bless The Child
good solid voice, a little turning japanesey for mesimon voice not good enough for the song, zero emotion, copy cat, Kara agrees, no connection, sleepy, loungy, what's you lane, but got a voice. Randy, song choice, uneven, why that song, too old a song, voice doesn't suit song. Ellen likes performance sounded great and wishes a different song.

Michael Lynche (big Mike) 26, personal trainer, had babyl FL
Is this love, maroon 5
played guitar sang it like stevie wonder, really good all things considered. One of the best voices of the night thus far in my opinion and lotsa personality and potential. ellen loved even with pitch problems. Randy loved him, Kara was depressed till he came along, but better than the rest. Simon delivered little, likes him and expects more as an artist

Alex Lambert 19 TX
really young a little dorky texas hick look
Wonderful Worlds james Morrison
oy vey. flat, bad. nervous. no rythm, no falsetto though he tried. oh brother. simon uncomfortable performance of the night, but has a good voice, but if you can't get your nerves together you won't make it. kara and randy love his tone and both like him.ellen, holding on the mullet, great voice but he's terrified. If he can get the nerves under control, maybe will go forward. I kind of don't see it as much as they do, as it was sooo uncomfortable to watch him.

Casey James, gorgeous (ok not that gorgeous)., 27 Ft Worth TX
musician, long blonde hair
oy does he shave his chest?
Kara hot for him.
Heaven Casey James
sings and plays acoustic with guitar....nice. big folksy voice, a little quivery, nice rock rasp, but does I enjoy listening to him if there was no camera? Kara embarassing, but seriously, eye and ear candy, can play and sing and has heart and soul. Ellen thought he sounded great. Randy really likes him, likes swagger,. Simon like the song, honest, likable, best performance from him since the start.

Andrew Garcia 24 CA
musician stay at home dad
Fallout Boys Sugar Were Going Down on acoustic guitar. was interesting and had some cool moments, but probably has more in him. sorta cool vibe. think he has potential. simon looking forward but disappointed, not original enough...when he did paula's "straight up" was much better. great recording voice. Kara, takes chances and really like him but not best song choice. Randy, strange arrangement, still remember Straight Up...a little try to hard. Ellen a fan from last performance, too serious and opened up when he looked at his wife and we want to see more of that.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Update 2009

Is it even possible that I haven't blogged in three years?  And since then, they've added photos and videos and it's all pretty exciting.  I don't even know where to begin except to say, the sweet life is still possible here in New York City and I am grateful that I'm still cooking, painting and smiling at my daughter Lily's antics and musical advancement.  So some updates below that make me smile.  Will try to stay more on top of things.  

Here is a fun video of Lily and her friend Emma Weiss singing the song Freedom, from The Unauthorized Biography of Samantha Brown: 

A photo of my most favorite dish on the planet earth: Spaghetti Bottarga from Madeo's in Los Angeles:

Some recent paintings:

Cool photo my friend took looking into her makeup compact of our house this spring:

And lastly, our property on that weekend in April, it was so warm and the trees still didn't have leaves on them:

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Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer Update-Pre July 4th Report

I realize it's been ages since I last posted an entry, so I feel pressured to say some reassuring words about summer, friends, art, food, travel, tv, weather.....whatever springs to mind. I miss New York, but have apparently not missed the worst summer weather in years. I guess I don't have to worry that my tomatoes aren't getting watered! But here in LA it is clear, blue, sunny, beautiful warm days and balmy nights. July 4th looking very promising. Moving this show to the Loewe's Santa Monica Hotel for the weekend and will give a full report on that location later this week. But first may I start by saying that The Sunset Tower Hotel, works hard to be helpful, accomodating and extremely pleasant. No waiting for your car, they will find anything you need at anytime, personalized service, the fastest housekeeping on the planet, great beds, great sheets, deep deep tub (okay the shower head though pretty and quite big, has little pressure) with very strong tub spout, baths are the way to go this vacation! Intimate sunny small pool with beds! Food in the Tower Bar is great, even if room service is kind of not so great, but they are trying.

Had a few great meals at Madeo's, the most fun restaurant with truly authentic Italian food. Owned and operated by the great Alfeo, the handsomest most elegant Maitre'd in town, always with a twinkle in his eye (or is that just for me?) Spaghetti Bottarga is the dish of choice, not to mention the grilled Langostinos ( complete with heads on and split) just beautiful! Best Apple Martini in town too! Can not ever say enough about this spot at the top of my list for LA dining.

Treated to a tasting dinner at Simon, Kerry Simon's new restaurant at the newly $60,000,000 renovated Sofitel. Fantastic! Great food, terrific ambience, a better than great outdoor space for the smokers and drinkers, now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lobby is newly spectacular and they seem to be rolling out the red carpet to become the new hotspot in town. Wishing Kerry every success. I think this might be the one that puts him on top.

Did I mention that I love the new Mustang. Zippy and peppy and good on gas. This is a fun car.

The best news these days is the high scores Freedom Writers, the new upcoming Hillary Swank movie, is getting. Three test screenings and not only is it scoring in the 90's with audiences, but they are laughing and crying and there is nothing like seeing a biker dude wiping away tears or hearing people talking back to the screen with enthusiasm. The score is still temporary, but Will I. Am, Mary J. Blige, Miri Ben Ari, Mark Isham, Common, will be scoring, to name a few. Each time one of these artists sees the film they feel compelled to write a song for it. It is very very exciting!

Went to the Getty Museum today and it is truly lovely. It's free, did you know? Just $7 to park your car. Plenty of lovely spots to dine, or picnic with friends or family. My sister in law mentioned it would be a good place for a tryst! The restaurant has lovely service, amazing bread, gorgeous views (seeing an enormous hawk circle over the canyon outside the window was pretty thrilling), gardens that are a treat for the eye, as is the entire place. I loved the Getty. And that doesn't even include the artwork! A printmaking demonstration going on while there, live music for the evening on an outdoor stage (it stays open till 9pm, which would be a very romantic date!) and great iced cappucino (oddly not always so easy to find) at one of the lovely outdoor stands in the Plaza. Go go go to the Getty...you won't be disappointed.

Dragon Books has opened at the Beverly Glen Shopping Center as has a terrific new sushi restaurant (who's name escape me!). This is not your ordinary bookstore, but one that has old leather sofa and chairs, persian rugs and used and antique books. Opening party this evening which had the likes of Gina Gershon (who invited me...), Kevin Costner, Robbie Robertson, Ed Lautner and biographer Scott A. Berg. Come in out of the sun into this dim, soothing library of a room, pull down something unusual (I found a funny old book The Dictionary of Demons and Goddesses for my husband!) and relax.

Upcoming reports on Villa Life in Chianti with friends, The Splendido in Portofino (never been and is hoping it is everything I've been told it is) and the Exedra Hotel in Rome (only hotel that is in center of Rome with a pool. The Hilton is on the outskirts and the Aldrovandi is in the Borghese Gardens). The Exedra is in the Piazza de Republica, Stylishly modern and the pool is on the roof. This should be good!

Lastly, Rescue Me, despite the outrage over the episode two weeks ago, is truly fabulous this season. As is Entourage. The Closer continues to please and even with it's bad ratings, I do love Commander In Chief, as cheesy as it is...a guilty pleasure. I finally watched the last six episodes of Desperate Housewives and this is such a great show. I never want to watch it, but bit the bullet and it is brilliantly written and always surprises. I never see where it is going and it is refreshing, wise, sad, silly, wryly amusing and honest. Downloading is the greatest invention on the planet. I love summer TV, there just isn't enough of it, but then who has the time to even watch.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Remembering Teddy Demme

It's Friday the 13th and four years ago today, I lost one of the best friends a girl could have. I don't like this day to pass without giving a shout-out to you Poppa. It's so weird, cause I stil feel you near, watching your kids, Amanda and your friends and family and know that there's always that piece of you appreciating all the jokes, singing songs, shooting video, making movies, making friends and that warmth keeps the fire going. I think tonight, I'm gonna go have myself a great meal, choke down a whiskey with a beer back and have the best time I can have in honor of your life. To the richest man in town, here's to you my boy, keep watching.
*sobs self to sleep*

Monday, December 12, 2005

Altar Boyz and Winter in NYC

Husband's gone since September and the Lilster and I have been hitting the stagedoor pretty frequently. For the record, if you haven't see Altar Boyz, do it! It's even better the second time around. A big shout out to the 'holics...you know who you are and if my way of speaking seems at all odd, I've been hanging around people less than half my age for months now...Great new things happening in our fair city: Okay, go check out the refurbished Carlton Hotel on 29th and Madison and then eat at it's new restaurant, Country...upscale bistro, great great atmosphere, 3 bars, and the hotel lobby is not to be believed...Jeffrey Zakarian (sp?) is the chef (of Town reknown...giggle)...ate till we just couldn't any more...dessert rules supreme. Am anxious to check out Del Posto...wonder when it will open...Big shout out to Daniel Torres who raised money and toys with his show tonight at Prohibition by the Broadway Boyz and all their friends...good times, great tunes, talent and Tyler M...next time do that solo! The next few weeks will be the last time you can get to see the supremely talented Danny Calvert in Altar Boyz. God we will miss his riffing, wailing and mugging...that voice that strikes a chord...*cries* The only thing that makes his leaving the show tolerable is the return of orignal cast member Tyler Maynard, who's got the hottest hips off broadway and comic timing and vocal athleticism that makes it hard for you to watch anyone else on the stage...with the exception of course of the gorgeously talented Scott Porter. Please please don't leave Scott...you are the beating heart of the show and it just doesn't step up when you aren't there...*fingers crossed till Jan. 15th* That's when his contract comes up for renewal...will see the show two more times before winging off to LA for holiday with the Hubby...oh, and by the way, the food at Ouest is still kicking ass...just haven't found a place that feeds the soul like my boy Tom V's kitchen...may 2006 be the year he becomes the freebird he deserves to be...then we will really see some getting down with the master of the upper west side...*burp* Wrapping up with a shout out to Rico and his kids...talk about heart talent and dedication...may every day of the shoot be like the first...proud yes, surprised no...How to stay warm this winter, surround yourself with talent, any way you can get it...feed your soul!
Peace out....

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Spring in New York

Just had a terrific meal at Bar Americain, Bobby Flay's new upscale huge new digs on W. 52nd Street in the old Judson Grill location open only ten days ago. We sat close to the stunning open kitchen in a big clubby booth, so big in fact, for four people, it was like we were at two separate tables. This side of the diningroom was active and jumping with lots of hello's to the chef, who was front and center, keeping gorgeous tiers of seafood flowing from behind the iced raw bar. From pristine shell fish to glasses of lobster and avocado salad or crab with coconut and mango salad to apps of perfect tuna tartar with grilled country bread or ham served three ways (all delicious) or squash blossoms stuffed with pulled pork and curried cream then sauteed and crispy...the entrees are almost supurfluous, but don't miss out on the spice rubbed rib eye or the skate or the duck, not forgetting to get some of those sides. Recommended: the creamed corn, the creamed kale (making creamed spinach obsolete) and the baked cauliflower with goat cheese. And the desserts? We were more than happy with the whisky and carmel eclairs and will forever order the chocolate cream pie, served upside down and is more like the richest chocolate pudding, topped with whipped cream and wearing a hat of a thin crisp graham cracker wafer. Service was not only impecable, but every recommendation was dead on. How much do I love it when I don't even see the water glasses being filled, yet they are. I'll take a dozen of those steak knives too!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Happy New Year 2005

It's been a tough month, but a few bright spots on the horizon. Go out and get Thomas Keller's cookbook BOUCHON. Eat home one night and make the roast chicken found on the first page. I use two small chickens (around 2.5lbs each) that I get at either The Vinegar Factory or at Fairwary from D'Artengnan. Make some sides of the Roasted Beets, Lentil Salad, Celery Remoulade (all in the cookbook) and a light green salad...heaven. Thank you to Michael Ruhlman who sent me a signed copy (he cowrote it).

A not to be missed movie, now in re-release BIRTH. Don't let the brouhaha about Ms. Kidman and a 10 year old in the bath together, steer you clear. It is a haunting, mysterious and compelling movie, with one of the greatest original soundtracks this year. Impecible performances abound, with moody stunning lighting and sets. Shot here in New York and it shows.

Also some under the radar films, not to be missed, for real thought provoking experiences: THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, BEFORE SUNSET and IMAGINARY HEROS. All just great! Movies that take you somewhere else, like a movie should.

Catch the great new show MEDIUM with Patricia Arquette. Another new show this season is HOUSE. Also this weeks ER was one of the most chilling hours of TV I've seen in an age. Moira Kelly is a wonder and should have been given an emmy long ago.

Went to DANIEL'S for dinner and found Chef Daniel Boulud is still triumphant, with stunningly complex dishes. One of the most ambicious menus in town. I had a swordsteak with a curry bernaise that was so swell, I almost licked the plate.

Attened a friend's 50th who had piano player, Jim Allen, who does a cafe act most nights at Marie's Crisis. This night he played showtunes galore and we all stood around the piano singing. He's for hire and I don't know how much, but it is worth it, if you are looking for a good time with friends who dig the theatre. My daughter knew every lyric and we all sang along with gusto! Happy Birthday Wally!

Can't wait till the artist Cristo, installs his new setpiece in Central Park. It should be dazzling.

The best way to get through the winter doldrums is spend time with friends.