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Friday, January 14, 2005

Happy New Year 2005

It's been a tough month, but a few bright spots on the horizon. Go out and get Thomas Keller's cookbook BOUCHON. Eat home one night and make the roast chicken found on the first page. I use two small chickens (around 2.5lbs each) that I get at either The Vinegar Factory or at Fairwary from D'Artengnan. Make some sides of the Roasted Beets, Lentil Salad, Celery Remoulade (all in the cookbook) and a light green salad...heaven. Thank you to Michael Ruhlman who sent me a signed copy (he cowrote it).

A not to be missed movie, now in re-release BIRTH. Don't let the brouhaha about Ms. Kidman and a 10 year old in the bath together, steer you clear. It is a haunting, mysterious and compelling movie, with one of the greatest original soundtracks this year. Impecible performances abound, with moody stunning lighting and sets. Shot here in New York and it shows.

Also some under the radar films, not to be missed, for real thought provoking experiences: THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, BEFORE SUNSET and IMAGINARY HEROS. All just great! Movies that take you somewhere else, like a movie should.

Catch the great new show MEDIUM with Patricia Arquette. Another new show this season is HOUSE. Also this weeks ER was one of the most chilling hours of TV I've seen in an age. Moira Kelly is a wonder and should have been given an emmy long ago.

Went to DANIEL'S for dinner and found Chef Daniel Boulud is still triumphant, with stunningly complex dishes. One of the most ambicious menus in town. I had a swordsteak with a curry bernaise that was so swell, I almost licked the plate.

Attened a friend's 50th who had piano player, Jim Allen, who does a cafe act most nights at Marie's Crisis. This night he played showtunes galore and we all stood around the piano singing. He's for hire and I don't know how much, but it is worth it, if you are looking for a good time with friends who dig the theatre. My daughter knew every lyric and we all sang along with gusto! Happy Birthday Wally!

Can't wait till the artist Cristo, installs his new setpiece in Central Park. It should be dazzling.

The best way to get through the winter doldrums is spend time with friends.