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Friday, June 30, 2006

Summer Update-Pre July 4th Report

I realize it's been ages since I last posted an entry, so I feel pressured to say some reassuring words about summer, friends, art, food, travel, tv, weather.....whatever springs to mind. I miss New York, but have apparently not missed the worst summer weather in years. I guess I don't have to worry that my tomatoes aren't getting watered! But here in LA it is clear, blue, sunny, beautiful warm days and balmy nights. July 4th looking very promising. Moving this show to the Loewe's Santa Monica Hotel for the weekend and will give a full report on that location later this week. But first may I start by saying that The Sunset Tower Hotel, works hard to be helpful, accomodating and extremely pleasant. No waiting for your car, they will find anything you need at anytime, personalized service, the fastest housekeeping on the planet, great beds, great sheets, deep deep tub (okay the shower head though pretty and quite big, has little pressure) with very strong tub spout, baths are the way to go this vacation! Intimate sunny small pool with beds! Food in the Tower Bar is great, even if room service is kind of not so great, but they are trying.

Had a few great meals at Madeo's, the most fun restaurant with truly authentic Italian food. Owned and operated by the great Alfeo, the handsomest most elegant Maitre'd in town, always with a twinkle in his eye (or is that just for me?) Spaghetti Bottarga is the dish of choice, not to mention the grilled Langostinos ( complete with heads on and split) just beautiful! Best Apple Martini in town too! Can not ever say enough about this spot at the top of my list for LA dining.

Treated to a tasting dinner at Simon, Kerry Simon's new restaurant at the newly $60,000,000 renovated Sofitel. Fantastic! Great food, terrific ambience, a better than great outdoor space for the smokers and drinkers, now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lobby is newly spectacular and they seem to be rolling out the red carpet to become the new hotspot in town. Wishing Kerry every success. I think this might be the one that puts him on top.

Did I mention that I love the new Mustang. Zippy and peppy and good on gas. This is a fun car.

The best news these days is the high scores Freedom Writers, the new upcoming Hillary Swank movie, is getting. Three test screenings and not only is it scoring in the 90's with audiences, but they are laughing and crying and there is nothing like seeing a biker dude wiping away tears or hearing people talking back to the screen with enthusiasm. The score is still temporary, but Will I. Am, Mary J. Blige, Miri Ben Ari, Mark Isham, Common, will be scoring, to name a few. Each time one of these artists sees the film they feel compelled to write a song for it. It is very very exciting!

Went to the Getty Museum today and it is truly lovely. It's free, did you know? Just $7 to park your car. Plenty of lovely spots to dine, or picnic with friends or family. My sister in law mentioned it would be a good place for a tryst! The restaurant has lovely service, amazing bread, gorgeous views (seeing an enormous hawk circle over the canyon outside the window was pretty thrilling), gardens that are a treat for the eye, as is the entire place. I loved the Getty. And that doesn't even include the artwork! A printmaking demonstration going on while there, live music for the evening on an outdoor stage (it stays open till 9pm, which would be a very romantic date!) and great iced cappucino (oddly not always so easy to find) at one of the lovely outdoor stands in the Plaza. Go go go to the Getty...you won't be disappointed.

Dragon Books has opened at the Beverly Glen Shopping Center as has a terrific new sushi restaurant (who's name escape me!). This is not your ordinary bookstore, but one that has old leather sofa and chairs, persian rugs and used and antique books. Opening party this evening which had the likes of Gina Gershon (who invited me...), Kevin Costner, Robbie Robertson, Ed Lautner and biographer Scott A. Berg. Come in out of the sun into this dim, soothing library of a room, pull down something unusual (I found a funny old book The Dictionary of Demons and Goddesses for my husband!) and relax.

Upcoming reports on Villa Life in Chianti with friends, The Splendido in Portofino (never been and is hoping it is everything I've been told it is) and the Exedra Hotel in Rome (only hotel that is in center of Rome with a pool. The Hilton is on the outskirts and the Aldrovandi is in the Borghese Gardens). The Exedra is in the Piazza de Republica, Stylishly modern and the pool is on the roof. This should be good!

Lastly, Rescue Me, despite the outrage over the episode two weeks ago, is truly fabulous this season. As is Entourage. The Closer continues to please and even with it's bad ratings, I do love Commander In Chief, as cheesy as it is...a guilty pleasure. I finally watched the last six episodes of Desperate Housewives and this is such a great show. I never want to watch it, but bit the bullet and it is brilliantly written and always surprises. I never see where it is going and it is refreshing, wise, sad, silly, wryly amusing and honest. Downloading is the greatest invention on the planet. I love summer TV, there just isn't enough of it, but then who has the time to even watch.