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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Spring in New York

Just had a terrific meal at Bar Americain, Bobby Flay's new upscale huge new digs on W. 52nd Street in the old Judson Grill location open only ten days ago. We sat close to the stunning open kitchen in a big clubby booth, so big in fact, for four people, it was like we were at two separate tables. This side of the diningroom was active and jumping with lots of hello's to the chef, who was front and center, keeping gorgeous tiers of seafood flowing from behind the iced raw bar. From pristine shell fish to glasses of lobster and avocado salad or crab with coconut and mango salad to apps of perfect tuna tartar with grilled country bread or ham served three ways (all delicious) or squash blossoms stuffed with pulled pork and curried cream then sauteed and crispy...the entrees are almost supurfluous, but don't miss out on the spice rubbed rib eye or the skate or the duck, not forgetting to get some of those sides. Recommended: the creamed corn, the creamed kale (making creamed spinach obsolete) and the baked cauliflower with goat cheese. And the desserts? We were more than happy with the whisky and carmel eclairs and will forever order the chocolate cream pie, served upside down and is more like the richest chocolate pudding, topped with whipped cream and wearing a hat of a thin crisp graham cracker wafer. Service was not only impecable, but every recommendation was dead on. How much do I love it when I don't even see the water glasses being filled, yet they are. I'll take a dozen of those steak knives too!


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