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Monday, December 12, 2005

Altar Boyz and Winter in NYC

Husband's gone since September and the Lilster and I have been hitting the stagedoor pretty frequently. For the record, if you haven't see Altar Boyz, do it! It's even better the second time around. A big shout out to the 'holics...you know who you are and if my way of speaking seems at all odd, I've been hanging around people less than half my age for months now...Great new things happening in our fair city: Okay, go check out the refurbished Carlton Hotel on 29th and Madison and then eat at it's new restaurant, Country...upscale bistro, great great atmosphere, 3 bars, and the hotel lobby is not to be believed...Jeffrey Zakarian (sp?) is the chef (of Town reknown...giggle)...ate till we just couldn't any more...dessert rules supreme. Am anxious to check out Del Posto...wonder when it will open...Big shout out to Daniel Torres who raised money and toys with his show tonight at Prohibition by the Broadway Boyz and all their friends...good times, great tunes, talent and Tyler M...next time do that solo! The next few weeks will be the last time you can get to see the supremely talented Danny Calvert in Altar Boyz. God we will miss his riffing, wailing and mugging...that voice that strikes a chord...*cries* The only thing that makes his leaving the show tolerable is the return of orignal cast member Tyler Maynard, who's got the hottest hips off broadway and comic timing and vocal athleticism that makes it hard for you to watch anyone else on the stage...with the exception of course of the gorgeously talented Scott Porter. Please please don't leave Scott...you are the beating heart of the show and it just doesn't step up when you aren't there...*fingers crossed till Jan. 15th* That's when his contract comes up for renewal...will see the show two more times before winging off to LA for holiday with the Hubby...oh, and by the way, the food at Ouest is still kicking ass...just haven't found a place that feeds the soul like my boy Tom V's kitchen...may 2006 be the year he becomes the freebird he deserves to be...then we will really see some getting down with the master of the upper west side...*burp* Wrapping up with a shout out to Rico and his kids...talk about heart talent and dedication...may every day of the shoot be like the first...proud yes, surprised no...How to stay warm this winter, surround yourself with talent, any way you can get it...feed your soul!
Peace out....


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